I have chronic ankle pain after about 10 sprains and 4 breaks. I saw an ortho surgeon at UW-Health about five months ago and after x-rays he said that I have two chips that are broke off and floating in my ankle that shouldn't cause pain and asked if i was happy with my results. It's the same ankle that I painfully walked in on was my response. the doc did not order any soft tissue scanning or answer my question "i injured it two years ago, shouldn't these chips have gone necrotic?" ( i didn't have insurance to see a doc)
so after that i went to have therapeutic ultrasound treatment that didn't have any results.
so now i have no health insurance and a very painful and weak ankle that i suspect has soft tissue damage and two small bruises have appeared and persisted for the past month on my interior and exterior "ball" of my ankle. Their is also a cracking and popping sound that happens when i walk. It sorta feels like its dislocating and relocating as while i hear these sounds.
I can barely walk, am in constant pain, should I attempt balance training?