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I need anixiety , and depression meds, but my job insurance doesnt started till jan can anyone help?

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kaismama 20 Oct 2014

Things like amitriptyline are cheap. Tell the dr you have to watch the cost. Hell help you.

auntsiss8 20 Oct 2014

I dont have a dr anymore. The last one closed the practice and now I don't know what to do

balbanese 20 Oct 2014

You can request generic if available, if not, many pharmaceutical companies have patient assistance programs. You can also look into non-medication aids for this, including nutritional solutions.

WildcatVet 20 Oct 2014

Hi, Aunt! Look in the phone book for a Mental Health or Social Services agency in your area. They can usually provide or steer you to free or very low cost services, especially since you have no insurance. The pay scale is adjusted to your income. Then many of the generic drugs that you can use are dirt cheap. I pay $2.43 for a month's supply of one of my generic meds and $3.03 for the other.
Best wishes! WCV

WildcatVet 20 Oct 2014

Oh, PS, my clinic provides free *samples* of my very expensive brand name drug. free discount card

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