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Are Animal Cells found everywhere in a Animal?

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WildcatVet 22 Apr 2014

Every part of the body is made up of cells, but the cells in fur, nails, and the hard parts of bone and teeth are dead cells. WCV

DzooBaby 22 Apr 2014

Yes, animals are made up of animals and humans are made of human cells. Cells in each part of the body are a bit different. Skin cells are different from muscle cells and nerve cells and brain cells etc. I'm not sure exactly what you are trying to get at with this question. Maybe you could explain more about what you are looking to have answered.

Hayloey 22 Apr 2014

Studying Anatomy and Physiology of Animals. The question was about cells in animals and where they can be found. I know the cells but wasn't to sure about where they would be.


DzooBaby 22 Apr 2014

Every living thing is made up of cells. Cell membrane, cytoplasm and nucleus are all parts that make up cells called organelles. The cell membrane is the outer part of the cell and holds the parts of the cell together (think of it like the cells skin) It provides support, protection and it controls movement of materials in/out of cell
It is the barrier between cell and its environment. It maintains homeostasis of the cell. The nucleus contains most of the cell's genetic material (DNA). The nucleus is therefore the control center of the cell (so think of it like the cells brain). It controls cell activities and contains the hereditary material of the cell. Cytoplasm is a clear, thick, jellylike material, (think of it like the cells blood) It supports and protects cell organelles. All cells have cell membranes, a nucleus and cytoplasm.

DzooBaby 22 Apr 2014

Anything else?

kaismama 22 Apr 2014

The question is pretty ambiquous. Cells are the bricks of a body, and they are what makes it up. What kind of cells are they looking for?

Hayloey 22 Apr 2014

Cell membrane

DzooBaby 22 Apr 2014

Those are all parts of a cell.

DzooBaby 22 Apr 2014

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