I've been on 200mg Seroquel ER and 225mg Effexor XR for 8 years now and high functioning stable. Do to the high stress of caring for my elderly mother, my moods were beginning to shift, the ups & downs getting just a bit to roller coastery for my liking. Dr prescribed 300mg Lithium Carbonate, which I took for the first time ever last night. Today, I woke extremely agitated, and had rage on my mind. I wanted to throw things, was thinking a brick through a sliding glass door type of rage. I haven't had that strong of an emotion in 13 years, before any type of medication. I'm scared to take this again, as being responsible for a 77 yr old and a 10 month old, I CAN'T have the anger issues like I did today.

I'm 52 yrs old, Female, smoker, 5'0" & 190lbs.