I stopped taking Zoloft (sertraline) almost 2 months ago after taking it for not quite 4 months. I know that it can take awhile for it to work, but I was seeing NO change in 4 months, so the doctor took me off of it and prescribed me Wellbutrin generic. I gradually tapered off of the sertraline, however I did not and still have not taken the Wellbutrin. So, currently I am medication free.

It has really only been the last couple of weeks, maybe even the last month, but I have noticed a major increase in anger. I have borderline personality disorder, so I often deal with inappropriate emotions, or emotions that are often much stronger than they should be in a given situation. But I feel like my anger has been more out of control than it has ever been in the past. I've withdrawn from people because of it because I'm scared of lashing out on someone and ruining friendships/relationships. It really is kind of scaring me.

Has anyone else dealt with increased anger so long after having stopped taking Zoloft, or any other antidepressant? Is this normal? I know I need to go and talk to my doctor, but I know I'll hear it for not having started the new medication yet... any ideas if starting new meds will help/make things worse? Thanks so much.