My husband was bit/stung (he did not see the insect) but there was a definite bite, two times within the last 8 months. The first time he went into anaphlyactic shock, went to the ER, got the epipen and was fine within 45 min. The 2nd time, same symptoms, immediate swelling of the face, upper body, tongue swollen, itchy palms and feet. He was admitted to ICU because he was not responding to the epipen, he was there 3 days. It was an immediate reaction both times. He has been to 2 different allergists, both of them tested him for all insect allergies, skin testing and blood. Results were negative. We do not understand how he can have such severe reactions and allergy tests are negative?? Has this happened to anyone else? He can not receive the shots to help if this ever happened again because they do not know what he is allergic to. We are very frustrated! He now carries the epipen everywhere, but we are outside a lot and would like definite answers.