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My anal itching problem seems to be a lot worse in the evenings. What kind of ointment will help?

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kaismama 12 Dec 2012

You'll flip, but I've found vagicaine to be great. Its benzocaine, so stops the itch in a matter of moments.

kaismama 14 Dec 2012

There are many reasons for it, and treatment to get rid of it altogether depends on the cause. A visit to your doc should help with that.

Inactive 12 Dec 2012

Hello imsore. Possibly a zinc, pure or in combination form. And there are over the counter products. Your pharmacist will beable to help you as to your question. Regards pledge

happybrandee 14 Dec 2012

I just want to ask you this... have you ever been checked for pin worms? You didn't say what is causing your anal itching problem. And one of my kids had the same problem, their anus would itch but it would be really bad at night so his doctor gave me a test kit to check for pin worms and that is what it was. Have you been checked for this? When someone has pin worms they come out at night so that would explain the increased itching. Just wondering and trying to help.

Happy4now 14 Dec 2012

Hi imsore -- I just want to ask, are you on hep c treatment? If so, you might need to see a dermatologist. I tried so many different ointments and they all worked for only a while. You can also try derma e -- this cream has tea tree oil, vitamin e and chamomile.. not the most pleasant smell but it worked. My doctor also prescribed atarax to calm the itching and so I could sleep at night.
If not hep c related, try preparation h ointment and suppositories.

Best Regards.

nickstevens17 22 Jul 2013

There is this ointment that you can purchase online called Pranicure. I read some of the user reviews and they were all positive. My anal itching was definitely worse in the evening too, but after I started using Pranicure, I can happily say that I'm itch free day or night. Now I only have to apply it a couple of times per month... Pranicure ointment definitely has worked for me and for others too so I'd look into it.

dajjo 4 Aug 2015

I suffered for over 10 years with severe anal itching and I agree with the above... Pranicure is the only thing that worked for me too. I used to wake up every night around 3am scratching away in my sleep! Go to their website and read their theory on what causes pruritus ani/severe anal itching. It's pretty convincing and I can attest that it helped me when no doctor or anything else could. free discount card

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