Hi my drugs.com friends
I went back to work in September on a dosage of 150mg Anafranil which was good in that I was sleeping well and coping with work and home life. Last month I felt the slide backwards and my dosage was upped to 200. I believe the highest is 250.

In the last 2 weeks I have gone right bang back to that dark place. I sleep for about 5 hours, awful nightmares, sweats and anxiety attacks plus the screaming tantrums of a 2 year old. My moods go so low that I then find myself getting high (almost akin to being drunk). In the past two days I have gone into meltdown (fortunately I am officially on off time from work (not sick)until Friday) I am crying non stop and afraid to leave the house.

A little background I am going through a divorce and living with two teenage girls. I am attending therapy and have what she calls a third party disassociation.detachment thing going on which is my coping mechanism. OCD figures in my life although anafranil is containing it much more than in the past. I have clinical depression all my life.

My estranged husband is going to call my MD in the morning so that I can get some immediate medication. I don't want time off work nor to be zombified. I am so torn as I want and need to work however right now I am clinging on not to pick up a drink which is also the danger of being a recovering alcoholic. I needed an AA meeting tonight but was too afraid to go out.

Yes, indeedy I am in a right ol pickle, Meds don't know but this ol black dog keeps biting I will keep fighting.