I started Clomipramine (anafranil) on Nov. 24 2014. It has worked superbly, my OCD has diminished 90%. My obsessions are completely gone. I take 250mg of it with 10mg of Abilify. The problem is that I've been drinking excess caffeine almost everyday and it has kept me up half the time, I don't sleep well during the weekdays only on weekends do I get to sleep without any problems.
The problem here is that I stopped drinking caffeine on Friday Feb. 20, 2014 and on Sunday, Feb. 22 I notice and increase in my OCD and anxiety. Is the Anfranil going to "poop out" or is it losing effectiveness? I'm very worried. It's only been 3 months!
Could it be that the anafranil only works well with caffeine in my case?