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Can Amytriptyline be successful as pain relief for fibromyalgia?

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chuck1957 31 Jan 2016

Teddytops; Fibromyalgia is a tough one for many people and doctors to deal with to control the pain but yes Amitriptyline has proven to be effective for many people. All you can really do is try it. They really don't know why but years ago it started with diabetics that were having of phantom pain mostly in the legs and a long study they did with this medication that has been around as long as I can remember for whatever reason it did a fantastic job with all of these people for pain and has been used for much other reason's also fibromyalgia they have had very good success with it to.Another one more known for your condition if you have not tried it is Gabapentin that would be another choice that works really well for people with fibromyalgia so keep it in mind also. Just in case you need to try something else. Hope that helps but Amitriptyline is a very good start. Have a good weekend and I hope you get some relief.

Teddytops 2 Mar 2016

Tried Amitriptyline for two weeks. During that time I suffered dizziness, nausea, headaches and a need to sleep. It did not lessen the pain in fact it seemed to make it worse. After speaking to my doctor I decided to change tack. I now have an appointment with a new doctor who seems more versed in Fibromyalgia. According to her Amitriptyline is not the best medication on the market, there are far more modern drugs in use.
We are expecting snow and severe gales over the weekend, I do love snow.
Hope you are fine, take care

Teddytops 27 Aug 2016

Thanks for your advice. Amitriptyline caused me lots of problems, dizzy spells, nausea etc. I have been taken off them and put on ibuprofen three times per day. I did ask for Gabapentin but doctor was not interested in that. Truth is I am now covered in bruises, read enclosed leaflet, side effect so stopped that. My doctor seems to think the bruising is not a problem but I am of a different opinion. I would be very grateful for your opinion on this. Teddy tops.

chuck1957 27 Aug 2016

Teddy; Like I was saying we are all different, All you can do is try and find out if the medication is going to work for you. And with the fewer side effects as possible .But the bleeding or bruises are very common because of the Ibuprofen you are taking now at 3 a day well cause blood thinning not always a good thing. And really have to watch the stomach etc with long term use. It might be a good Idea to try those anti seizures meds they have really helped a lot of people. And give your system a break from the Ibuprofen for a while anyway and depending on which one you are put on you could still use the Ibuprofen when you need it from time to time. let me or us know if you do change and we well double check when we know what the doctor is thinking of trying. Chuck1957 enjoy your day.

lizardlace 29 Feb 2016

I know a lot of sufferers of fibro taking Amytriptyline but i just couldn't stand it, it made me permanently drowsy and didn't help with my pain

chuck1957 29 Feb 2016

Teddy; I did have that problem for 2 days then it went away. So you well hear good and bad but for the most part it is good so you won't know until you try it. for at least a week and keep your fingers crossed outside of that you should not have much problems

Teddytops 29 Feb 2016

Hi Lizardlace. What are you taking to replace Amytriptiline? My doctor seems to think we now go to drugs for epilepsy, not sure about that

lizardlace 1 Mar 2016

I tried that - Lyrica, i couldnt stand it. I had so many side effects it was unbelieveable and the pain was worst and i gained so much weight in such a short time.

Im currently taking sertraline and melatonin

chuck1957 1 Mar 2016

Liz; Have you been taking those long enough to see if they are helping. free discount card

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