Hi, Over the last year I’ve been on a combination of lithium (450mg), Latuda (40mg), and Adderall (40mg). On this combination, I was not able to feel the Adderall at all. Then I switched to Zyprexa where I took 2.5 mg twice a day. I slowly titrated off that while starting up with Vyvanse which I am on 50mg a day. I have been off of Zyprexa for about 30 days. And I still take lithium carbonate 300 mg a day, as well as Lamictal (75mg), and Zoloft (25mg) . Why can I not feel Vyvanse at all? Or really anything... I don't have the concentrative abilities people claim to have with that drug, nor the increased energy level, nor motivation. Im not entirely sure if its because I'm on Lithium (which I was told I could eventually come off of) or if it because I'm still coming off of a dopamine antagonist, Zyprexa, which may be affecting this sort of thing. My doctor, however, said that Zyprexa should be completely out of my body.
I feel pretty frustrated about this situation and don't know what to do to improve it.