With no serious medical problems, is this medicine for me. I have 2 kids n after the first one, I began noticing the fatigue. At only 21 yrs old with my first baby, I should've had no fatigue, n after the 2nd baby, I was 23 at that point, I was so tired all the time, I was barely able to do anything!! Im still pretty young, only 28, and I feel most days like I don't even wanna get up to go to the bathroom! I got to force myself to do anything. This is not the me I used to be. I was always up doing things. Cleaning my house, others too, then had plenty of energy for whatever came my way. With 2 young kids, a hubby, a part time job, n a home to care for, I need something to give me energy n get me back to my old self!! HELP!!!