... past 8yrs I feel as though my Psych doctor has misdiagnosed me.He diagnosed me with generalized anxiety,OCD,and Bi-polar, and depression.These symptoms have officially affected my family,school,and work.My kids have noticed that i am getting worse now.My issue is more towards the ADHD(neuro)side of things.I am convinced with all the readings about ADHD in so many areas i fit almost all of the symptoms vs my other diagnosis.I bought it to his attention and he let me try Adderall 10mg and I must say i feel different(better) i can see a slight change in the areas of my the life that i was worrying about.I am in the process of seeing a Neuro doctor for futher testing.Do you think with a stronger dosage,evaluations,and stop taking all the other meds that have not been working for some time can narrow down my diagnosis? I think I am taking those other meds for no reason.HELP!!!