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Amphetamine/Dextroamphetamine - Can adderall be used for anxiety??

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Inactive 7 Jan 2013

Hello bmissbg. No I doubt it. Its a stimulant used in the treatment for ADHD/ADD. It is prescribed off label for depression as well as weight loss. Regards pledge

cupcake7667 7 Jan 2013

I agree with pledge but if the anxiety is related to ADHD, then it will have a calming effect or at least that is my experience. But in the absence if ADHD, it acts as a stimulant and will cause more anxiety. Best!

Stephen E. 11 Jan 2013

I pretty much agree with cupcake. I'm pretty sure I am bipolar II if anything and i have been taking two and a half mg of Adderall in the morning and ussually get extreme anxiety within a few hours. It really helps me stay on task and sharpens my mind i guess you could say but, as I heard it said before, some people have an anxiety profile. I would not reccomend it for anxiety. Buspar is supposed to be a pretty good, mild, anti anxiety agent. Exercise and nutrition will take you a long way as well. I am very close to being med free and feel good now when I don't take anything. We'll see. I have a doctors appt. next week so it seems like it's gonna be Lamictal or the Natural approach.

cupcake7667 11 Jan 2013

Natural natural natural! I got my masters in nutrition from a holistic Eastern medicine school. I'm far from being med free but I'm implementing more holistic things! Supplements, whole foods, no gluten..going to take a leave if absence in march and take 2 months to focus in me, do PT, massage, yoga, acupuncture, etc., because I'm sick of being so sick and feeling toxic! Let me know how it goes! Sending healing thoughts!!!

Snoopy2010 11 May 2015

I realize this post is old but have been searching for answers on this topic. About a month ago my psychiatrist prescribed Adderall for me for depression. My normal diagnosis is GAD but due to many situational factors I had become significantly depressed. For some reason the Adderall eliminates my depression and anxiety instantly. I learned to only use it as needed because if I take it too many days in a row and then stop, I get a major crash and it takes days to recover. but this past weekend I took it the day we threw a party for my husbands birthday and for the first time EVER I had fun at my own party, didn't drink too much (I always end up drinking too much at my own parties out of nerves/anxiety). I know Adderall is a controversial drug but I am so grateful to have it for situations like that. My only complaint is that the next day crash I get. But that keeps me from taking it too often. And the crash is no worse than the one I get after another failed social situation.

Thinkwisely 26 Jul 2017

Diagnosed ADHD/Anxiety. Its what works for you. For me there will be a come down if I stop taking the medication. Thats why I asked for a solution in the first place?
For me its about stress levels and finding balance.
Not always that easy to do but being aware with mindfullness will create substantial clarity. free discount card

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