I'm 9 weeks pregnant and last week got a throat infection. The Dr prescribed me amoxicillin, 1x 250mg 3 times a day for 4 days. On day 3, I had to get a tooth extracted as it had also become infected and there was an abscess forming (it's not been a good week!) So emergency dentist recommended extracting tooth as leaving it was a higher risk to the baby. I told him I was currently on amoxicillin and he said that was good and he would 'top me up' for an extra 2 days due to the infection.

I just realised though he's prescribed 500mg 3 times a day... I want to be sure it's safe (and necessary?) to up the dose for the last two days and I can't get hold of him to ask.

I'd really appreciate anyone who KNOWS for sure that this is ok? Thanks!