I have side and low back pain, like a deep ache. I also lifted a heavy bag the other day and strained my lower back. I have been resting in bed tired all week after going to the ER one week ago. so my back could be sore from laying down a lot. I had sore throat, chest pain, non-itchy rash, swollen lymph nodes, fatigue, extreme joint pain and swelling, muscle pain - they did tests but didn't know what I had. Strep and Mono were negative. We all agreed it may be rheumatic in nature, like fever cause I was sick recently twice, or my Lymes Disease flaring up. My symptoms are all gone except the fatigue, joint pain, but that is a little better. So I think it's working. This feels different than back pain. The ER Dr. decided on this med because it works on both rheumatic F. and Lyme. I am taking 875mg 2 times per day for 14 days. I have no large health issues, other than some removed polyps and h pylori years ago. I have had utils a few times, but nothing in years. Im not on any other meds. I'm 36 non smoker, otherwise healthy other than the Lymes. I can't sneeze without very sharp pain in side and back. Mostly on left side. Thank you.