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How much amoxicillin 500mg (Qty & duration) is taken for a bladder infection?

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kaismama 6 Sep 2014

You really shouldn't self treat. You would need 21 pills. If you don't have that, don't even start it. You should be taking all the pills when the dr orders them, not have left overs. When you don't take the full course you can build resistant bacteria. It would be 500 3 times a day for 7 days.

jp421 6 Sep 2014

I have 21 amoxicillin. I appreciate your info. I moved and had to get a new Dr. This new Dr. wanted me to go to an ER after hours. I asked if she felt it was not a bladder infection and she just said they don't call in RX from a phone diagnosis. This was an on call Dr that I had not seen, but my Dr. had been told about me having bladder infections several times a year. My last Dr did not have an issue with calling in an RX for a Bladder infection. I am in my 50's and I know what a bladder infection is like. I am confined to a wheelchair and for me to go to an after hours clinic would be very hard for me and for my caregiver. It would also be costly. The Dr. told me that I could always call for an ambulance to take me in if transportation was an issue. Sometimes I wonder if people have a clue at all about the difficulty in being in a wheelchair and not having a vehicle that is wheelchair accessible. free discount card

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