I had an infection years ago on my forearm. My doctor gave me cephalexin, and it worked very well. On about the third day I could tell that the half dollar sized bump started to shrink. I believe that I may have the same infection as I did before. I have augmentin; which I am aware is amoxicillin. Also, I have experience with amoxicillin, so I know that I won't have any adverse reactions. I'm relatively sure that basically, cephalexin is far stronger than amoxicillin, although they are different and it's not as simple as one stronger than the other. That being said; this potential infection is in a much earlier stage than last time. I would appreciate any advice, and also should say that, yes I fully understand that I should seek the opinion of a dr or medical professional. However, for several reasons that would require me to write a novel, that is not really an option. Thank you