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I am on amodarone and warafarin. What can I take for heartburn that does not react with these 2 med?

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kaismama 16 Dec 2014

You've got a real conundrum. Just amiodarone and warfarin together, can lead to bleeding because it makes the inr higher, so you have to be alert for any signs of bleeding. Things like Maalox react with the warfarin and can cause increased bleeding. Warfarin and meds like prevacid or zantac can also cause increased risk of bleeding. It actually seems like Pepcid is your only choice, but before making a decision ask your pharmacist. They are the experts on things like this.

tonybuxton 16 Dec 2014

Thanks. I don't have GERD just very occasionally indigestion which goes when I take an anti acid.

babydoll610 16 Dec 2014

Drink milk eat tums ... zantac works great but I don't know if it will mess up your other meds

babydoll610 16 Dec 2014

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