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Amlodipine - Any safe replacement drug for amlodipine?

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Catchtwotwo 1 May 2018

I am not sure what would make any drug safe per se, but my doctor had me on 40mg Lisinopril, 10mg Norvasc and 25mcg HCTZ. Without telling me why I was switched to just the Lisinopril and HCTZ accompanied with 0.2mg of clonidine (up to 3 times daily, and only if my systolic pressure goes ABOVE 160 OR if my diastolic pressure goes above 90.).
As far as safety, I just think of many drugs as being the lesser evil of them, and the good does seem to outweigh the bad, at least for myself, on this regimen I am on now.
I really hope this helps answer your question, if just in part.
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