Hi folks. So, I was on 25mg and another half tablet throughout the day when I was healing from concussion, apr. Dec/2016-Feb/2017. It was a life-saver, truly. The med helped me heal faster. After it was determined by my docs that I was fully healed and I'd returned to college (symptom-free except for an occasional visual pattern I saw when my eyes were shut), life was good and I was back to functioning and down to 12mg for migraine and aura migraine prevention. I've had aura migraines for years, much before the concussion. I started working at a camp over the summer where I needed to get up around 6ish each morning to commute and all the counselors would kinda drink coffee socially. i took up daily coffee too, because the amitrip. makes it tricky for me to get up early (and I was taking it abt 2-3hrs before bedtime). I was having a daily cup, which became a daily 2 cups, of normal caffeinated drip coffee. Flash forward 2 months: my headaches have re-surfaced. Every night, I get a nasty headache that starts behind the eyes and builds around my whole head. I've been treating this with an Aleve and a Tylenol, but I don't want to have to take those daily. I've chalked this up to needing to ween off coffee, get my glasses prescription checked, and see if these help. If not, I may ween off the amitrip though I've heard it's pretty tough. Any thoughts or suggestions? I'm a 22 yr-old female (and not on any kinda birth control which sometimes helps head aches).