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Is amitriptyline a safe sleep aid for people 75+ years?

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spear1368 30 Nov 2015

Yes, it is prescribed to all age groups ranging from teenagers to elderly patients. Older people usually start on a very low dose.
Hope this helps :)

kaismama 30 Nov 2015

The Center for medicare came out with a list of medications that should not be taken by people over 65. I have been on it for many years. 3 yrs ago when I turned 65 I started to get refusals to pay because it wasn't an approved drug. I truly think this list is merely to make it so insurance companies can refuse to pay for it. I have no problems with it. Since I retired I did cut the dose in half because I don't have the stress I did before and don't need as much. But that was merely because I was trying to cut down on the meds that dried my mouth. Its cheap so I just pay for it.

DzooBaby 30 Nov 2015

Kaismama is speaking of a list called the "Beers list" and it is a list of medications that have been known to have some kind of risk to people 65+. Amitriptyline can cause increased risk for falling because it is sedating and as she mentioned, often insurance companies dont want to pay for meds on this list. If your Dr deems it safe and effective for you and you have no problems then you can continue to use it-just be aware that it can increase your risk of falling because the sedation can be more pronounced in older people.

DzooBaby 30 Nov 2015

Oh and I want to also say that your Dr may want to try some other meds for sleep first if you have not yet. There is usually other meds that are recommended to try first and your Dr should know these that are deemed safer for those in this age group.

opioidtx 1 Dec 2015

Elavil (brand name for amytriptiline) isn't considered to be a good choice for elderly people. It has a lot of side effects, including dizziness, and has been known to cause changes in blood pressure when a person changes positions from sitting to standing. Also causes blurred vision, constipation, and even delirium. Shorter-acting sleep-specific meds (like Sonata) are generally considered better choices. Elavil is an antidepressant (tricyclics) and not widely prescribed these days. free discount card

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