I am suffering & gettingno joy trying to solve my pudendal nerve issue. Has anyone out there found an answer? I've been given morphone, etc, I'm on opioids now & ive tried a nerve block injection in my piriformis but it only mildly removed the pain . I cannot bend over at all - it causes extreme pain in my right hand stomach and up & down my legs and buttocks. I have had years of trigger point therapy, acupuncture, physio, aromatherapy. I can't sit at all & even laying down I get pain. I lay on on a lounger with hot water bottles to relax as it's the least painful position. If I lie on my back I do not get pain in the buttocks but then I get pains in my stomach at the bottom of my ribs ribs. My physio thinks that it is muscle pain tension. During the day when I am moving around I get moments of no pain at all. If there is anyone it has been in my position and can give me a please please please can you contact me.