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Amitriptyline - how strong is this?

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Lisaswtlady 22 Oct 2010

It depends on the dosage that your doctor prescribed to you.

The lowest dosage of Amitriptyline is 10 mg. then the dosage goes up
to 50 mg., 75 mg. and so on. I was prescribed Amitriptyline at 25 mg.
from my doctor for PHN. After one week later Amitriptyline helped me to sleep all night through and the only side effects I experienced was
dry mouth, and blurry vision. Then one month later, I went to see my doctor and he increased my dosage from (25 mg. to 50 mg.) since I wasn't sleeping very well. After I was taking Amitrip. at that time for 2 weeks. Then after that dosage was increased I was experiencing more
side effects after taking Amitrip. for 2.5 months later. I had numbness and pain in all in the (right arm, right hand, and right foot.) I called my doctor to
make him aware of these side effects that I was experiencing and he gradually reduced my dosage from 50 mg. to 25 mg. he told me to
just take 25 mg. for one week and then the next week don't take anything.

The pain I was feeling in my right hand, arm, and foot was gone thanks to my doctor. I had to be taken off of Amitriptyline due to these bad side
effects I experienced.

Every patient is different in how they will react to any medication. What works for someone at a higher dosage might not work for your body.
I would call your doctor if you have any concerns about the dosage.

What dosage of Amitriptyline are you taking as prescribed from your doctor?

Delila 22 Oct 2010

Hi, i was just taking 2 x 10mg tablets at night for insomnia, and they worked well for me. I was taking them for about 3 months only as then i started some other meds that reacted with the amitriptyline. Although i only took them at a low dose and for a short period, i didn't experience any problems and they did help me sleep. I guess with all meds they affect each person differently free discount card

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