... before bed daily for migraines.
Before that I would get migraines 6-7 days a week. It went down to 3-4 a week.
And were not as severe. I never really had a problem falling asleep before taking amytiproline. But after taking for so long if I forgot to take my nightly dose. I could not fall asleep most the night. Even tho taking it seems to have worked with the migraines all these years. I really don’t want to have to take medicines for the rest of my life. And also thought it can’t really be that good for me. I mean when you take the pill if you don’t drink good right away. They burn your throat. So they must be burning something else.
But one of the reason I wanted to take it back then because I was taking so many Advil etc for the pain.
Also I still find myself taking extra strength Advil 4-5 days a week. And even taking amitriptyline I still had to.
After all these years I started wondering if my body changed. And maybe I could lower my dose. Well my doctor wasn’t helpful at all. Said I had to take it for the rest of my life. I’ve had this doctor for 35 years.
So I decided to wean myself off my doctor and amitriptyline dependency.
So because I was taking it for so many years I took three weeks to do so. I also wrote down as much info of how I felt during the process.
First day noticed it took longer for me to fall asleep. That didn’t bother me because I don’t go to bed until I’m tired. However the more I weaned myself off the longer it took to get tired. Also when I do fall asleep I actually find myself waking up just from me turning over. Or the wind blowing hard.
But I’m probably just so used to being out cold.
Hoping that gets better with more time.
I also always new weather was a cause of some migraines. But while I was earning myself off realized how sensitive I was to the outside presssure. If I woke up and had a headache it was a rainy morning. If it was nice in the morning I usually woke up with no headache. If it started to rain or snow in the afternoon. I usually had a headache. So to me this was odd. Because while on Amytriptoline if you wake up with a migraine you will have a migraine until you go through your next sleep cycle. And sometimes it took two days of sleep cycles. But rarely would I only have a headache for a partial day.
So yes supper pressure sensitive and non tired sensitive. But even not falling asleep and waking up I feel 100% more energy and mentally keen daily being off it.
Also noticed that I have a lot more energy while being off amitriptyline I have noticed for the past 20 years I always felt fatigued and simply always tried to fight it.
It’s been a week since I’ve been off it completely. I feel my headaches are the same pattern they have always been on using amitriptyline. I also feel a hell of a lot better in the mornings not being groggy.
I’m assuming I may still have a week or so left until the amitriptyline is out of my body completely. I’m hoping that I can become tired earlier in the evenings soon. And also hoping my migraines to get worse.
I can say that I am so happy for myself that I am off completely.
Sorry for the book here. Look forward to your thoughts. Would love to hear from other doctors or patients that have used it as long as I. And also from people that weaned themselves off. Thanks