After reading many posts, im concerned.. I went into the ER for pressure in my head due to me hitting my head several weeks prior... Kept getting bad sharp shooting pain in my head as well as headaches & really bad pressure in the back of my head.. Needless to say if been suffering from headaches possible migraines for years now from a car accident several years back.. But since hitting my head the pain went from bad to worse.. Lots of pressure, light, loud sounds, ect effected it more, but the pressure & sharp knife stabbing like pains come & go in certain parts in my head, I woke up one morning with bad pressure, headache, vomiting, dizziness, all 10 finger tips went knumb for an hour or do, fever, I knew it had to be something so I finally went to the Medical aid unit in my city.. The doc there thought when I hit my head it triggered migraines, but I advices him I suffered from headaches for years.. He referred me to a local hospital to the ER to get. Cat- scan just incase there could be any internal bleeding in the brain, so I went.. The cat scan showed that the back of my brain was enlarged, & the resident ER doc wanted to get a sexing option and possibly do a spinal tab.. They ended up discharging me & referring me to follow up with a PCP ASAP.. I returned home, still having the pain, fever, ect.. Ended up goin to another local hospital because the pressure, pain ect got worst & I started having hot flashes, sweats, & then cold chills... Even had those symptoms the night prior to going to the medical aid unit.. When I returned back to another ER, they read the previous CT- scan & wanted to do the spinal tab, which they did, ran blood work & both came back ok... But they wanted to look further so they ended up admitting me & i started having pain in my left knee/leg, as soon as i stood up with having to be assistant to the restroom, my left leg gave out on me, started having these unfamiliar twitches in my knee, & pain down my leg, so with that said theynoted it and did a MRI the next day, which showed several white spots in the back of my brain that was unknown... I spent 5 days in the hospital 7 different medicines, & since being discharged since June 21 I still have the sharp pains in my head that come and go, sensitivity to loud piercing noices, lights, ect... June 26 when I followed up wit a PCP, both legs from my knees down, including my ankles and feet were swallon, the doc said looked like I was retaining water, said to stay off my feet & rest... I find myself sleepy alot, not myself lately, just in a down, upsetting, depressive mood, and very irritated and aggrivated easily... No longer active, and this is one of the meds I'm taking since being in the ER Amitriptyline HCL 25 mg tablets... After reading all these reviews I'm concerned whether or not I should be taking this, because I don't suffer from anxiety or depression... But I hear its for the brain as well.. Still the spots are unknown, I go for a follow up MRI to see if the spots are still there & they said if they are they want to do another spinal tab, the doc PCP thinks the pain in the leg & knee could possibly be a blood clot so I'm getting the MRI this mon & a X-ray & ultrasound of the knee & leg tues... This all has me worried.. Even tho I'm a Christian women, & I have faith & trust in God I'm still worried... Could someone please let me know what they think... When my husband and I looked up what does white spots in the back of the brain indicate in an MRI it's 1st stated MS, then cancer & a few others... The PCP I got is new, he's old, hasn't perscribed me anything, and I dnt know what to think or do next... Any feed back is appreciated