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Amitriptyline - why does elavil need to be increased after amonth?

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Nursenema 28 Sep 2015

Many medications are started at a low dose and then increased gradually until therapeutic level is achieved. This seems to be especially true for antidepressants and anti seizure meds.

WildcatVet 28 Sep 2015

Hi,a3! Almost all psych meds are started at a low dose to be sure you have no adverse side effects and occasionally so that blood tests can be performed before increasing the dosage if needed. The idea is to avoid any serious problems.
Best wishes, WCV

GodIsGreat 28 Sep 2015

Unfortunately I had the same question on the 12th my doctor switch my dose from 50mg to 100mg 33 days later. I asked my Doc. and he simply replied, because we believe that they need to get me where they believe it is going to do what its supposed to do.
I myself personally do not like 100 milligrams it is making me feel jittery so I took myself back down to 50 milligrams and when I go see him this month I will be letting him know as I'm sure they will be switching it out. It's all according to how you are reacting with the medication.
I'm not a doctor, I just have been switched and up as well as lowered with every any depression I have ever been prescribed.

Like Paxil, zoloft, trazodone, etc. They seem to always up the dose.

WildcatVet 28 Sep 2015

Doctors have years of training, experience, and have intimate knowledge of the medications they prescribe. But they can't guess how you're feeling. It's a much better idea to communicate with your doctor so he/she can treat you appropriately. Taking matters into your own hands is self-destructive, a waste of your money, and quite possibly dangerous. These aren't aspirins you're taking; these are drugs which affect your brain functions.

GodIsGreat 28 Sep 2015

I called his partner before I stopped. I only was on day 3 he told me it was safe for me and to contact my doctor immediately. Now I'm waiting for my appointment on the 1st of Oct.

I'm sorry I didn't add that, I am new and finally getting it.
Thank you

chuck1957 29 Sep 2015

a3a3a3; All good answers And most medications have a starting dose which is low, This helps the doctor put us on the correct dose we require Because we are all different and don't need as much as some people.So like amitriptyline comes in about 6 strengths and you would not want the strongest to start with if you only need 10mg or 50mg the higher the dose alot of times the more side effects so better being safe than sorry.They are working with medication and adjusting it to your needs.Be patient you well get there and it is worth it when you finally get the right dose and medication. Have a good day free discount card

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