I started on it 9-20-17. It's 10-17-17. I have been having explosive diarrhea 5+ times a day. I can hear liquid sloshing in my gut. I haven't been doing anything new dietary wise. I switched to a Stevia without erythritol. No improvement. I have been using Truvia then this Pyure for awhile. Finally I bought Stevia in the raw and some refrigerated probiotics. 50 billion per capsule. I am thirsty and get dizzy now upon standing from a crouched position. I have high blood pressure and cluster headaches, but pressure has been ideal--even on just 60 mg Verapamil ER. (I cut in half). My neurologist prescribed this amitriptyline to relax me to help with the chronic cluster headaches, which gave me no relief for months. I can see it is helping with that; but even taking immodium isn't helping with this diarrhea. My general m.d. said to avoid sugar and caffeine. I am afraid to eat ANYTHING. I do drink regular 7up maybe half, hoping to settle my tummy. My abdomen is quite bloated. It wasn't before. It was just fat. Now it's fat (overweight) and bloated. But hey I am a woman! 51 yrs. Past menopause by several years and can't take any replacement hormones due to having a pulmonary embolism in '14. Never smoked and don't drink. Never took any contraceptives and from what I have learned recently, am very grateful. Weight 210 ish (driver's license still says 140 lol