... forhead and also a rash on the scalp and face? my mother in law was put on this medication two months ago and every since she has been on it she has had lumps and red rash like on her face come up. went to one dr they said its the saliva glands causing it and another said a bug bite (which we are positive thats not it) but for two months she keeps getting lumps and now a rash on her scalp and face. she has a huge lump on her forhead and shes gone back to the er today. i beleive its from this new medication bc she started having this problem every since she started this medication. Just trying to figure out what it is and how to treat it the dr that has her on this heart medication says she needs to be on it 5 more months but theres no way she can remain on this and continue to have this get worse... help please ifany one knows??