Last Thursday was the only instance where my occasional ventricular arrythmia blossomed into an intense and painful arrythmia. I've had mild dysrhthmias for 30 years, which were diagnosed twice using a Holter Monitor. I had about 275 incidents per day. I was aware of only several of them. I'm taking several psychological drugs that I can't stop taking, because even though the original major depression with anxiety - the anxiety was the worst by far, turning me into a Xanax maniac, have mostly faded away, all my medical advisors say that if I quit those drugs, even at 2%/month, and the anxietydepression comes back, re-starting the drugs has a high chance of failure.

At the emergency room the doctor in charge waited for my problem do decline on it's own. After 1 1/2 hours he gave me 200 mg of amiodarone and within an hour, the arrythmia converted to normal.

With only one incident of serious, painful (8 on a scale of one to ten),debilitating hyper-arrrythmia, I'm hesitant to take this stuff on a regular basis. Reading about it scares the hell out of me.