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Ambien - can you take more than 10 mgs? I've taken 1 and I'm still awake?

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traumanurse 3 Jul 2013

If you are still awake do not take two. It is very dangerous to do so. I have seen people that do things and had no ideal they did while on ambien. Have your Dr try the extended release version. Good luck

HeadStarter 3 Jul 2013

Hi there and welcome to DC. You didn't mention how long you were awake before thinking about taking another.

Let me add here that it is advisable for people who have trouble falling asleep to get themselves ready for bed and sleep. For instance, before bedtime make sure that you are not doing things that keep your mind active or busy, don't do bills before bed, don't wait for bedtime to have a major discussion about things that bother you, don't drink alcohol, meditate, if you can, to help you relax and to decompress. Just some tips to think about.

But definitely do NOT take more than you were prescribed... talk with your doctor first.

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