I'm 19 years old and a very light sleeper. I occasionally battle insomnia, especially when going on trips. I'll be going on another school trip in the near-future (2 weeks), and last time I couldn't sleep AT ALL during the entire time. It made me exhausted all day and I barely enjoyed myself. I'm one of those people who experiences anxiety in unfamiliar sleep environments. I really don't want that to happen again, so this time I am considering asking my doctor for a short-term 1-2 week supply of a sleep prescription (10-14 pills). The only reason why I'm considering Ambien is because it's one of the most known sleep aids and has been around for many years. I've heard of addiction stories, but I also heard that's mainly caused by long-term use of it. My goal is to use this medicine only for a one-time occasion while I'm away from home. Any advice? Thank you