Hi. I went through a very traumatic event two weeks ago and was prescribed to take valium (500 micograms) and took two pills every day for 5 days, which did absolutely nothing in terms of helping me, so i went back to the to doctor and was then prescribed xanax (cant remember how strong the tablets were ) took two ever day as well for a week and it did absolutely nothing.

Anyway back to the doctor for the third time and asked for Ambien and was given a prescription. I haven't taken Ambien since August and every time in the past I've taken it (usually take two pills) it has completely knocked me out. I took two pills last night and felt absolutely nothing, even took one more and felt like I hadn't taken anything.

Would this have to do with me being on the valium and xanax and its built up some sort of tolerance to benzos? Thanks for your help