I have a question- I was started on Ambien 5mg a little over a month ago for terrible insomnia due to a mixed manic episode. It worked well at first. The only side effect I noticed was increased irritability and anxiety the next day. My does was just increased to 10mg HS and I have been experiencing massive rage issues the next day. The only way it subsides in if I take a 5mg ambient in the day. So, because if this, I suspect it is withdrawal. I am highly susceptible to medication and it is also messing with my mood in that I have much more day time depression. But, the thing that is disturbing the most is the rage and irritability. I am going to call my doctor when the office opens and see what my options are. I was also started on 25mg Lamictal on the same day but I don't think that is causing it as I have been on this med before and it actually made my symptoms better. I also can't stop yelling at my kids over small infractions and then I feel really guilty for being angry. I also take result 2mg, Lamictal 25mg, metoprolol 100mg per day

Has anyone experienced inexplicable anger and irritability the day after using Ambien? And if so, is it safe for me to just quit cold turkey? I want to feel normal again. If you have experienced these symptoms, how long did they take to subside once you stopped the Ambien? Also what was your dosage and how long did you take it? Thanks in advance!