More than 6 yrs back at 160-240 level my doctor recommended Amaryl 1mg in morning and MopadeHS850 (Memorfin 850+Pioz15) at night which brought down my sugar level to120-140 level. Over the period sugar level started fluctuating and several times I felt hypoglycimia during day or night and sugar level fluctated from 70 to 352 and even after very hectic lifestyle and exercises it was not controlled. Recently I changed my Dr, he recommended Amaryl 1mg before b/f and 500mg metmorfin and Volibo 2mg after b/f, volibo 2mg after lunch, metmorfin1000 and Volibo 2mg after dinner. Now my sugar level is around 115-116, even after taking liberty of eating water melon and mango, a very good control. I have also left hectic exercises.