Hi everyone,
I am a 23 year old female, and since the age of 16, I have been prescribed many prescription drugs. It started off only being prescribed 2-3 a day, but now, I am on 9 a day. Although throughout the past 7 years, I have tried over 20 medications for my diagnosis, I have currently been steady of the following 9 meds.
1) 90 mg in the AM of cymbalta
2) 900 mg of Trilipic (300 in am, 300 in pm)
3) 60 mg of Valium (20 mg, 3X a day)
4) Ambien CR in the pm
5) 200 mg of Trazadone in PM
6) .04 mg of Clonidine (.02 in AM, .02 in PM)
7) 40 mg of Addarall (20 in AM, 20 in afternoon)
8) 20 mg of Saphris in the PM
9) 130 mg of methadone (I was a hardcore heroin addict... nothing worked to get me off, i tried two rehabs, i tried suboxone, i tried to quit cold turkey..nothing has worked except the methadone. but please, i am not disclosing the methadone info to get told that I am still a heroin addict. This was a personal decision I had to make in order to live a normal life, and I plan on lowering my dosage in the next month). I have only been on it for about 5 months anyway.
SO... my question is, do you guys think I am on a ridiculous amount of medication? Or, do you just think that everyone is different, and some people truly need to be on this much medication... I have struggled with this question, and I am scared I will be on 9 meds for the REST OF MY LIFE. I am simply looking for what you all think of the mixing/matching of my meds. especially the amount of valium, and all my insomnia medication... please comment!