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Am I not supposed to get my period on this kind of birth control?

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Marvell 11 Sep 2009

I'm not sure which birth control you were referring to. Please add the name of the birth control as a comment, then we should be able to help you.

pfcpremosgirl 11 Sep 2009

Yes, please do. I can tell you I have the Mirena Intrauterine System (IUD), and since insertion back in July 2007, I have only had occasional VERY light spotting, no periods. And the doctor said that yes, that happens and is completely normal with about 20% of Mirena patients. I am thrilled to be among them!! LOL! I never need anything more than a pantyliner, and like I said, that is only very occasionally that that happens:-)

Marvell 11 Sep 2009

I know some people have no periods with Mirena.

I haven't used it myself but please see the link below for reviews by people who have used it.

lila0857 11 Sep 2009

it's microgestin. free discount card

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