I had my very first surgery and pain med (percocet) last month. I only took the percocet for about a week and decided to deal with the pain on my own. I'm not sure if I had a weird reaction to percocet or if it had a bad reaction with my daily dose of celexa that I take for anxiety & depression. While taking the percocet, I was paranoid, depressed and said some aweful things to people close to me. I lost my job & best friend because of it. What is really sad and scarey to me is that I didn't even have full recall of everything I said to people. I feel like it made me kinda crazy and flipped out. I tried to research this med an just found lots of people that love it. I found that in rare cases people have a seritonin syndrome. Could that be what happened to me? Am I the only one that has had this kind of reaction? I am totally devistated by the mess this made in my life. I have tried to apoligize to everyone, but nobody believes me that my brief psychotic behavior might have been caused by this drug.