I've been working really hard lately, I got my first full time job doing set-up at a wal-mart and I have been really stressed out as well. Recently, I've had a few scary experiences. For example, I will be sitting in my car during lunch, and my eyes will want to roll back or my vision will get blurry, I'll try to lay my head back but it makes me feel worse and i get kind of a tingly or light headed sensation, and then my stomach will feel sick and it is kind of hard to understand what someone is saying to me.
For another example, I will be squatting at work stocking a shelf or something, someone starts talking to me and I'll stand up, and all of a sudden my vision goes black and my hearing seems to fade and I'll need to stop myself from falling over. Then, I'll get kind of a quick headache and a loss of breath.

I've also been having burning tingling sensations in certain parts of my body, especially my right shoulder.

I want to know if I am having maybe a small seizure or something else. I usually stay hydrated and I keep food in my stomach.

I just don't want to spend a bunch of money on tests without a good opinion first.

Thanks in advance.