Recently I ran out of Geodon for my bipolar disorder and what I discovered was quite disturbing. The first thing that happens is that I can't sleep. At all. Like this just compounds my problem. Not getting enough sleep can ruin anyone. During the first night not much happens, but the second and subsequent nights is when the fun really begins. I start seeing things when I close my eyes. And I sometimes hear things associated to what I'm seeing; like voices and ghost sounds. I mainly see faces and people and sometimes they distort. So I open my eyes to keep from seeing when my eyes are shut. Also, when lying there trying to sleep if I doze off my body will jolt out of the sleep that last only a fraction of a second and I hear an electrical shocking buzz in my ears at the time of the jolt. My doctor told me that there is a term for that called a hypnagogic jerk. Another problem I have when I don't take my medicine is I hear things when trying to sleep. It's only when I try to sleep when I hear these things. During the day I'm fine. Some examples of what I hear are conversations in the background, like there is a crowd talking in the next room. I've heard bugs too; you know Cicadas. I sometimes would hear sirens from outside that would last for hours. One time I thought I was listening to a football game on TV that was playing in the room next to me. It lasted all night long. This not sleeping or not taking my medicine effects me physically too. My skin feels like it's crawling and I feel hot and cold all of a sudden. Also my palms and feet get real wet and clammy feeling. Another way I get is real paranoid like I'm high on marijuana but just not smoking it. This stuff is getting very disturbing to me because it's getting worse. I would be glad to hear if anyone is having the same kind of problems or an opinion to what it is. I read that I was having withdrawals from my medication, if not then I truly am going crazy.