Guys I'm so scared to be back at step one to where I'm in tears. I've been going to methadone clinic for 1.5yrs and decided to coldcturkey from 60mg and for 7 days I didn't sleep once finally day 9-10 I felt like the methadone was completely out of system and was slowly getting better but was obviously still in the very achy stage . Day 10 (today) I relapsed and took 75mg someone gave me (liquid) cuz i was so sick of the pain and thought it was okay I wouldn't be back to step one in the withdrawals even tho I understand the half life and would have to go 2-3 days to get that 75 out and then could I continue with my progression and I still have done alot of good work getting all that methadone out of my system ? Or am I back to step one as if it is gonna be day 1-10 all over again? I'm mean I could feel pain pills 90% really good and everything was doing so good now Im so scared I'm at step one plZ tell me I don't have to start all the way over just from taking it once. My brother went 25 days in jail and detoxed until he finally made it out with no withdrawals and he immediately took it recreationally a few times and he didn't get re-addicted.. So anyone experienced enough to be able to answer this question that I'm so horrible worried about ? Wher am I at? My guess is I can continue with my progression because I already pushed it all out of me and was horrible sick and started getting better. So once this 75 is out and done lingering I'll be back on track right?