I am hoping someone can give me correct info. I am on vicodin for arthritis in my legs. I failed a random drug test once because I had run out of my vicodin and a friend offered me one of their 40mg Oxycontin to try. I was tested randomly later that day, and of course I failed, they detected the oxy and told me I would be randomly tested again. I am to get my vicodin refilled but they wont until I test again, I had taken my friends again for the last 5 days because I ran out. They don't want to give me anything stronger or that would help me with the pain better. Anyway, I will lose this doctor is I fail again. I take thyroid meds because of underactive thyroid and that means my metabolism is slow. I weigh about 145. I need to know how long I should wait to get the drug test, they do test for Oxycontin, I've been taking the the extended release, 40mgs for the last 5 days. Please, someone give me accurate info, I can't afford to lose my doctor, I have so much at risk and he is the only doctor I have been able to find that has even been able to prescribe me anything at all for the pain. So I appreciate the 10mg of vicodin that I get, it's just that it's not enough to relieve all of the pain. Please someone tell me the right info, how many days do I need to wait til I can take my test, please remember, I have slow metabolism, middle aged, weigh about 145, have been taking 40mgs. of oxy for the last 5 days. Thanks for the help!!