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Am 33 wks preg and taking vicodin per my dr due to kidny stones is it ok? would baby have problems?

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Inactive 26 Apr 2011

You should really tell your ob-gyn as soon as possible, he/she is the main person you need to ask this of, and also the baby's pediatrician. Alot is going to depend on how often you are taking them, but this needs to be discussed with those 2 doctors as soon as possible. Congrats and Best wishes, Patti

BRRMARS 27 Apr 2011

i would make sure the risk is worth it. here is some more detailed information.

Acetaminophen/hydrocodone Pregnancy Warnings

Inactive 27 Apr 2011

WOW, this hit home. I was prescribed vicodin from my OB through my entire 3rd pregnancy for kidney stones. I had about 20 stones on each side. With each stone taking 4 days to pass I was litteraly passing a kidney stone every day. My doc told me the vicodin basicaly passes over the placenta in about 15 min. he told me it was perfectly safe. Much safer for the baby than ibuprofen. Just be carefull about taking any other meds that contain tylenol. He said there are no known cases of Vicodin harming the fetus. I felt guilty , but not taking pain meds was riskier than taking it. As you know kidney stones put a terrible strain on your body. It's not good to be vomiting all the time and being in pain. It puts a huge strain on the baby.
If you have concerns please talk to your OB so you can make the right decision for yourself. Since this is a one answer question I will friend you in case you have more questions. Just friend me back and then you can private message me. I've been in your shoes and I know how hard it is. Good Luck free discount card

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