... My 78 yr old Mom has early stages of Alzheimer's. She was wheezing terribly and had difficulty breathing so I took her to the ER. They diagnosed her with mild pneumonia. She was a little disoriented, but was her current self when I took her in. She got up that morning, got dressed, brushed her teeth, made her bed, etc. Hours later, this mild mannered woman became violent, kicking and screaming. They had to restrain and sedate her. They had given her prednisone. That was two days ago and she has been violent since. She would be appalled at her current behavior, it's like there is a demon inside of her. She never raised her voice in the 53 years I've been on this planet. Is there a medical professional who can answer if that was the right thing to give to someone with Alzheimer's? The dr now says that she may never become the person that she was, that this drug could have plummeted her to another phase of the disease. Because she is violent at the moment, she needs 24-hr care and may never come home