I have been had a feeling of dizziness every single day, all day since the beginning of January. It is a combination of the room spinning along with not feeling myself, If that makes sense. I have found myself blankly staring at something and not noticing, along with occasional double vision. I had made an appointment with my Doctor, But couldnt be seen until March, So I decided to try prescription antivert, which didnt do anything at all. Fast forward to March, I finally see my Doctor. He didnt really examine me, But guessed it was a virus of the inner ear, prescribed me amoxicillin and sent me on my way. I finished that at the end of March and there hasnt been a bit of change at all. It has been so bad as of late that on April 1st, I had felt like I was going to pass out, Aswell as vomited because of it. It has gotten to the point where I cant work, or do anything I enjoy doing because it has just gotten worse.