I hate taking narcotic! Since failed back surgery in 2008 use a cane with nerve damage L5S1. Pain Dr. gives me Oxycontin 10mg. TID Gralise 600mg. 3 tabs daily. Hydrocodone PRN that I use 3x/dly. I there any alternatives to to narcotics for me??? I still have to monitor all that I do everyday. I am disabled do to this damage. Do acupuncture/ stretching etc.Past epidurals caused Adrenal issues that I am still dealing with so that was discontinued.Have stimulater implant since 2010 that I love. Will see my pain Dr. in a few weeks so want alternatives to better manage my back pain.Fusion site "leaked" so nerves are "crazy" down there, Rt. leg and back pain variable but overall feeling of "lead" from waist down is so debiliatating. Just searching for options.