I currently am diagnosed with moderate degenerative disc disease and 6 bulging discs in lower to mid lumbar. I currently am taking Celobrex (NSAID), Skelaxin (muscle relaxant), and hydrocodone 5/325 (Pain).

A few days ago I started taking all of these more often, except the celobrex, and feel I'm no longer getting any relief. I am leery of asking my doc for different meds because there are too many drug seekers out there, and I surely don't want to be labeled.

At first I would take half of a hydrocodone about 2-3 times a day as needed and 1 skelaxin up to twice a day as needed. I really try and avoid the Celobrex due to side effects. I am now taking up to 6 hydrocodone a day and that just seems stupid and too much. I get 30 at a time and the bottle says it's a 7-day supply. Problem is my doctor acts like I'm over doing it when I run out in less than 30 days. I have been taking these about 2 years now.

How do I go about asking my doctor for something that will actually work without sounding like all I want is pills?