I injured my lower back at school 30+ years ago. Soft tissue damage was the diagnosis at the time, but as the years went by, the pain had gotten worse, so in 2010, my GP ordered various scans including an MRI. This threw up I had an old fracture of L1 end plate with degenerative spondylosis. I was prescribed physiotherapy and refereed to pain management clinic. I was prescribed nortryptaline, bupronophine patches, these ended up not being strong enough so the patches were changed to under the tongue quick release bupronophine, these too weren't enough so my GP made the choice of "Zomorh" 40mg twice a day along with nortryptaline, gabapentin and baclofen 10mg x 3/day. Lately the pain is getting past all these meds, is there any other form of pain management available that is more effective. I heard something about implants