so I can't take the normal contraceptive pill, or I could have a stroke. I've tried the mini pill, but it just made me spot all the time, and with endo, the pain was too much/too ongoing to bare.

I had a mirena inserted during my last laparoscopic operation, about a year and a half ago. I bled for months afterward and became anemic.
After everything settled down, I found new side effects to be worried about - weight gain, constant PMS symptoms, lumpy breasts, and awfully bad depression.

I eventually got to the point where - after 12 years of refusing to have anything to do with them - I was put on anti-depressants. I am still struggling with depression.
I'm also spotting quite consistently, which is getting pretty old, to say the least, as my endo pain is accompanying this spotting. I'm wondering if the mirena is even doing anything at all for my endo, and whether there is something else I could do about contraception/endometriosis control?
Thanks for your time.