I have had extreme leg cramps for many years. My toes curl up under my feet and they last for as long as four hours.

Many years ago, my doctor discovered that I could avoid or dramatically reduce these cramps if I took Darvon when I felt them coming on. I did this for more than 15 years with no side problems and no addiction issues.

Since Darvon was removed from the market I am having extreme leg cramps 5-10 times per month, almost always in the late evening. I have tried all common cramp relief medicines with no results. I am currently taking morphine sulfate, which does give some relief from the pain, but does nothing to prevent or minimize attacks, which Darvon did so well.

Is there any chance that a new version of Darvon might be approved in the future? If not, has anyone with similar problems found an alternative that works for them.